2015. december 14., hétfő


During the economical crisis, management of more and more corporations recognises that learning organisations can significantly improve their  ompetitiveness. the organisational learning I deal with organisational forgetting, achievement of organisational learning, and the concept of one-loop learning and two-loop learning. Based on Senge I sketch the principles of learning organisations: working up of image of a common future, personal direction, thought patterns, group learning and system thinking. Next I analyse the participants of learning organisations in the process of learning. In the course of this I show the difference between concepts of Garvin and Senge and learning-types, featuring the learning organisations: single learning, team learning, organisational learning and the consumer learning. I addition I deal with dilemma of measurement of learning organizations and building up of learning organisations and the tasks of leaders. Summarised you can say that learning organisation is a strategic concept when putting it into practical all the sources of the organisation are needed, all the participants have to latch onto it, and thanks to it the innovation level and the commitment of the employees of a corporation will improve.

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