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Hungarian spritzer

Fröccs, or the Spritzer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Hungary. It is actually wine (mostly white wine) mixed with soda water.  And most importantly, not with mineral water as is often the case nowadays, but with good old fashioned soda water. (You probably remember those Soda Streams we used to have in the 80s! On 5 October 1842, Andás Fay Fot the cellar called Vörösmarty harvest and some friends. There was among the friends Jedlik, who was not only the electricity great scientist, but the sodas industrial application of the Hungarian inventor as well. [1] To the wine strength be pleasantly relaxed not only the production of soda water had to invent, but of course we had to also find a bottle from which the soda water to be injected reported. Jedlik took the world's first siphon, and the hosts and guests amazement Fay prepared the estate of the first spritzer that German spriccernek be named.

The amount of die Wine Name

The amount of (dl) Sodas
(dl) Sodas share
(percent) More names or origins namesake
Krúdy injection 9 1 10 Krúdy
mason 5 25 17
4 1 20 big landlord janitor, buffalo kiss
lantern 5 15 25
Avas injection of 30 7 3
33 1 2 large die-die, shoot, pull it called a "whooping" for Ferenc Mora, "here behind the collar."
Die-gunner 6 3 33 Hungarian-English
buckled 10 5 33
janitor 3 2 40
Mayor 6 4 40
50 die one small one whistle, fun, short step Attila József that a "whistle" could drink.
quack-quack 2 2 50 folk belief
bakteranyós 2.5 2.5 50
maflás 5 5 50 boob
viceházmester 2 3 60
Vice Mayor 4 6 60
Go long 67 1 2 reverse
80 1 4 small die-residential caretaker, sport injection
sóherfröccs 1 9 90 long jump, trash washing
spray 1 0.01 minimum suhintós acid backbone of the mist is made, no matter how much of a cup filled with wine,
and above it "shoots" the szódásüveggel. A fresh spray felüdítvén it falls into the wine.

George 4Fenyő injection 2 2 50 Ady injection Kerékgyártó writer, a journalist, was in 2011 the first 4Fenyő Picnic occasion. In addition to drink wine and soda also contains a five elderberry syrup topping!

Progress after 8 1 11 Egervári Alexander's statement.
Other alcoholic spritzers
Mismás: 4 oz red wine + 1 oz peach juice
Double injection instead of homemade brandy wine & soda water
Raspberry: nagyfröccshöz, raspberry syrup mixed with white wine was sour.
Bear: little red splatter + raspberry syrup.
Újházy die: pickled cucumber juice instead of soda.
Yew die-v. Kass Die: Red wine champagne.
Matrózfröccs: Pint of beer beside a gill of rum.
Postman Die: Double black coffee, a gill of rum.
Scribe jorum: Very little alcohol megcsapatva much soda water.
Gore injection (injection scared): Small Glass (1 or 2 oz) of wine just as much soda is charged glass enclosures.
Instant injection: a soda bottle wine + cartridge.
Block Caretaker: There are people who identify with Mr. home, who are the living spritzers, but there are also those who are meant by the three piece caretaker.
Little Hunter (small -boroskóla, -VBK, -boxos, -leó, -cibere): 1 dl 1 dl wine + coke.
Great Hunter (high -boroskóla, -VBK, -boxos, -leó, -cibere): 2 dl wine + 1 oz Coke.
KVBK (catalytic red wine and cola): 2 dl wine + coke + 2 oz rum 1 oz.
Medgyessy cocktail (three doubles -boroskóla, -VBK, -leó, -cibere): 3 oz + 2 oz cola wine.
Lórugás 1 part brandy, one part cola. (Keserűlikőrre flavor booster.)
Trash injection: In the evening, wine, soda in the morning (The Geological Institute of Geology of innovation.)
(Large) Bear 1 oz cola, red wine 3 oz, 1 oz rum
Szakmári injection 80-90% of the top wine and pouring soda
Lucky bastard: die-bonded onto a tiny little rum
Provincial: 1 oz white wine 1 dl cola
Small Hunter: 1 oz. red wine, 1 dl. coke
Mahdi splashes: Bonyhád right kind of blue-handled or rose wine purely Varga
Próbás injection: 2 oz white wine. 1 capful of soda
"They carry small" 4 oz. whiskey, raspberry syrup, soda
Non-alcoholic spritzers
I recently published a so-called apple spritzer, which usually consists of 2 oz apple juice and 1 oz szódából. (Austrians "Apfel gespritzt" Germans as "Apfelschorle" drink.)
Children Die: 1 oz grape juice + 1 oz soda water.
Actor injection: 2 oz soda water lukewarm.
Kishörpi: 0.3 oz + 2 oz soda syrup
Nagyhörpi: 0.5 oz + 3 oz soda syrup

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