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Beautiful poems from the high life

When you were irritated because I told you the truth incessantly,
I informed you about it then: I like you better, than they who flatter you.
I make more good one with you when I rebuke you, than they who are looking for your pleasure.
The wounds that friends give ripen much than the kisses,
that the enemy gives for you.
Wounding me gives health, their kisses incurable disease
bring about.

I asked a flower of a god,
He gave a garden to me.
I asked tree of a god,
He provided a forest to me.
I asked a river of a god,
He gave an ocean to me.
I asked a friend of a god,
And he sent you to become I.

Give merriment, and nothing, Sir! Myself tackle the others. Then the others does not interest, you are fortune, ill fate, a failure success. Let me smile at a trouble and trouble, somebody else is not needed, this single shelter, even the privilege of my solitude are needed only, I exchange a fate, anywhere, with anybody, if my merriment, I may make it voluntarily; and frees again the discipline, if I know his sense and I undertake it, and not armour, but wing my shoulder. And that let the tomorrow not be an all trouble,
but beginning and continuing crazy adventure,
we ends though once – add merriment to it only, Sir.

You stop from time to time sometimes and onto some minutes to admire,the green field,the many flowers,the diversified world. The rich forest, the rumbling trees,the starlit nights,the lap of the valley,the mountain top? Not you do not find the time for this! Got used sometimes to stroke,onto aching wounds to give salve. The falling tears to wipe,to be glad on somebody else happiness? To listen the lip of who overlooks a grief and onto a complaint,to console the sufferer! And it is necessary to prepare for the account if an evening falls onto the late today. Onto balance to do whole you lived it,you did good,you saw beautiful one. And you do not have an other desire merely this much: not to rush,only man to be.

After all summer, when there is not a letter already on the tree
Leaf mould smoke, you are a snowflake flies on a wet night
A light stripe flashes between humid rooftops accross because of memories I am doing being dizzy only long
All old desires with strength like that attacks onto me
The seaside summer occurs to me between tears.

Blue sea, clouds you are walking there with me
You are whispering to me in little pubs' noise
Your hand touches my face slowly
Seagulls are crying, than I.

A car comes towards me, his lamps rain whitewashes it
I wave with two of my hands , but nobody answers
On the edge of the road, the lap of the trees, than startled giant
The wind raises my past, a slow flash
Why was the holiday of our love in this manner?
We botched our life possibly forever.

Blue sea, clouds you are walking there with me
You are whispering to me in little pubs' noise
Your hand touches my face slowly
Seagulls are crying, than I.

May not be,he may not be over,
I call you back I find you again,seagulls are crying than I!
Blue sea, clouds you are walking there with me
You are whispering to me in little pubs' noise
Your hand touches your face slowly

I was praying for wisdom - and gave problems, which I learned to solve,.

I desired a promotion - I got a thinking brain and bodily strength, that work.

I asked for courage - and a god gave dangers, which I overcame,.

I longed for being able to love - and I got distressed peoples from the lord, on who let me help.

I got occasions for the good one instead of gracious benevolence.

I received nothing, for which I asked,, and I obtained everything what I needed.

My paryer found hearing.

Cool your mouth,
but your kiss the sky.
Saying goodbye in this manner yet would be harm.
Why send?
His end is not between us yet,
I like you,
better, than for a long time.

I recur,
you chase away vainly,
and I hug you then,
the fire embraces.
I observe you in that manner,
even the shade and the light,
you may not be somebody else,
it is mine only!

All words,
what offers beautiful one
wore away already,
he is worth little.
I would like it in that manner,
if you would believe me after all.
And would understand,
would forget.

I recur,
you chase away vainly.
And I hug you then,
the fire embraces.
I observe you in that manner,
it is a shade and the light even.
You may not be somebody else,
it is mine only!

Two are edges, dreams and the dualities of reality between a world.

One of the faiths and hope, the other cold and hard.

One plain and happy, in the other one heavy the things.

In which one would you live with pleasure? Are you in the coffee white in the coloured one?

I live too much in the dreams possibly, and I do not notice it, the things change.

May be, I should wake up soon, and to understand, what I did not understand till now.

The happiness is born from dreams, but the reality is needed for it in order for him to live.

The heart does not forget his mad desires, you cannot be happy if you do not see it your dreams.

Do never eat it up, the love happiness, to sacrifice your heart, courage is needed for it!

A small flower may cause big disturbance.

Trouble with a monster of some stupid word.

Something sticks within, and hurries in that manner,

That the man escapes.

Heavy to love the way he is needed,

What he tolerates with the other joy .

Heavy to love sensibly, sanely,

To love nobody studies unfortunately.

A shy move is distant,

And to the statement there are not words.

We arrive at the wrong time always somehow,

And we run away from ourselves sometimes.

Heavy to love in that manner, good,

With the joy acceptable.

Heavy to love sensibly, sanely,

To love nobody studies unfortunately.

Approaching onto a half understandable,

The lie may be appealing.

We are too sensitive sometimes,

Another time the pride our trouble.

Heavy to love the way he is needed,

What he tolerates with the other joy.

Heavy to love sensibly, sanely,

To love nobody studies unfortunately.

Because we the love?

Not only generally but in his essence?

Desire, furious need and deficiency, a space in the man's body,

that only the other may fill, everything sounds empty without it.

Just in that manner than then, when charmed.

Your blood-red lips started smiling.

You were so charming.

Than when you whispered it: Sweet I like you!

I am not looking for you, then you find.

I do not research you, road you settle down to me always!

I do not look at you, enough my heart waits for you if you feel it.

Take it to reason already I am asking you!

I am not crying after you, believes you would not make it,

I make you be crying vainly, you would not notice it!

I look at your beautiful eye, and in my eye a tear spins round.

I do not look at it your wonderful lip, I give a thought to you only, and you are with me.

I give a thought to you only, but you do not get onto me, I dream about you, old I am asking you snuggle up to me.

My heart is waiting do not forget this, my soul because of you an empty cell.

Kiss and comes to life, only kiss once more!

The flavour of your kiss like that wonderful, with him beautiful the sunbeam.

The warmth of your hand to the brim fills, your face onto my eye puts on a smile.

I look at it already now your beautiful eye, and I am not afraid of you long.

Your lip touches me, and there is a hope again in my heart!

You are it who reports the life...

You are who it is not possible to forget...

I would like to become eternal with you...

And to live my life with you...

Anywhere you live, you go anywhere, the big world may be yours.

There is a nest we a homeland is waiting, and really into his heart lock.

Many good friends may be yours, you may believe the beautiful word of their lip.

But be looking for the person who really loves at home only always.

Let him be this let the few rows of love statement that I like you not know it nobody else.

Let him be this few rows of any kind of stepparent, I can like you, but to forget never!

I was the admirer of your beautiful eye when you fell onto my shoulder,

with your boiling kisses praised.

I felt in that manner then I die for you, but I can never, never forget you!!!

The tall sky may collapse above,

Everything may collapse what is intact.

An the is important for you to love,

Everything else is a trifle only.

You live an eternal life with me,

Waits for us the appearing blue endless.

Because the fate marks it for each other,

Who joins the love.

The knowledge haughty one does, but the affection is building, it sows a basis for a life and upwards makes an effort.

The affection sows a basis, leads up until the set ideal constantly because of a basis.

The word of the affection always onto good one encourages and only a gesture of his

he damages nobody
Not that real pain because of what the eye will be tearful,

but it what we wear in our seed, secretly silently!

The rehearsal of the real affection alone it, that not because of the other man's affection, that enough in him the tameness, the patience and the humility to it, that accepts it.

I do not know what is good if I dream it and we bad.

I do not know it if I dream it we the dream and we the truth.

I do not know it if I dream it what I make why,

I hope for it only, I will be there with you.

You went away from me kind and I let you to go.

Would have been vainly on all of them, who wants to go, it is necessary to leave it.

My face smiled to it, but nobody looks behind it already.

To play the indifferent man, I see it now only, how heavy.

Let me tell it if they would ask it from me now: What do you report to me?

I would become embarrassed for a moment, and I would not be able to speak newsless.

Only big I would say it after a long time, that a past love.

And nobody would notice it on me sem,,hogy two of my eyes were tearful secretly.

But my two eyes see something else, far beyond the tears,

that you are always yet the everything!

And if it would be asked from me again in order for me to tell it: What do you report to me?

From pride I would answer it: Á nobody, nobody. It is my whole life only.

Let it be felt from a handshake from you, that you want good one and you clear you are good.

Let a look of theirs spread it with you, for a beautiful thing you live, and you for you worthy to live.

Smile if you are dead already within.

Smile, indicate that you are well.

Smile and cheer others up.

It is smile in that manner that it is reciprocated!

Your smile if somebody reciprocates it,

A wide smile shows on your face.

Smile, cheer others up.

Smile, cheer yourself up!

Look at it how nicely the sun shines,

Smile, release it.

Be laughing only, gets involved into anything,

And possibly even the storm finds his way away.

The smile the most expensive thing on the world,

His value too shows on diamond of any size.

You after all any time, you may get to it free,

Release it only and smile!

The openness, the passionate affection of the truth are included in him in the friendship.

Elevating feeling to catch sight of a friend's face, keeping silent as soon as he talks about things like that is you, what the man dares to imagine hardly.It is allowed to take a hand only, to release sin, to shove away curse.

Hands blending into each other hold the sky and the world together.

There is a word what in that manner call in hope. He lives for all of them in you if you look him after.

Who is important to you if you become attached to it, bar where you go he will be there with you.

Be watching into my eye and my heart you see!

Embrace to yourself, that let the magic not go by!

Catch it my hand and do never release it!

You are the largest miracle in my life!

Believe in your heart and your own goodness because others will believe in these if you do so.

Believe in the miracle, dared the life is with him.

But that the is most important for you to believe in yourself because the miracle, the hope, the dreams of the affection and the tomorrow are concealed in your soul within.

I like you only I like you.

In the Heaven and on the Earth, let your name be holy.

Than our daily bread, send it to become I in that manner, now and another time.

Let my country come where I may like you.

You like something else vainly, he wants you.

Let my will turn up here beneath on the Earth because I like you if he is not already why.

If nobody rental is needed already.

I die of him if they know it already if others may know it already, I know it, but yet, but it is necessary to like it even then waited for because it is necessary to love resigning, folded he with the sweaty misery of bodies.

Would be good though would be good the way you would like it yet the way I would like it.

Let us not pour it out our love before time into a grave, let us not stand on the edge of the pit, incapable, crying.

Though take to die, and you understood nothing, I will die because I was not able to get it,I was not able to get it, only this much.

I was not able to say it, that would have been needed. I wanted to live it only, to play for you, to play, not to be afraid.

To play the morning for you with the first beam of the day, the breakfast, which I bring into a bed for it, who kind away plays it.

On the Earth, I like you in that manner in the heaven, you like something else, I like you, that you will like me you never promised it.
You are for me, but I am good for something else, Christ likewise, but for a clown coward.
You are far, but let me be anywhere, I like you, I like you only then, even then.
Love guarded, do not love hurt, love because he will be a tear once for the appearance his price.
Who combs our fuzzy love again?
How we are left the from nothing the beyond everything?
The life like that than the card game. The sheets handed out given, but you play them, it free will.

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