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What can we do my children addict, if passion patient the child?

His personality is transformed totally. Awareness behavior, anxiety, aggression - an increasing number of parents complaining about children's development of behavior problems. But what could cause this? Well, if the parent is itself looking for the error. Of course, all children are temperamentumbeli properties, which carry the genes. They are totally independent of the rearing. In extreme cases, however, most likely the parent-child relationship with the error. In this case, two painful things a parent can do: Firstly, to critically examine their own behavior, on the other hand, it must adopt a child who is, and should felejtenie what you want to see it. The kids are like a mirror. If you are looking at them, many times ourselves and our own problems, gyengéinket can recognize them. It is, however, show that the solution immediately. If you change the behavior of the parent, the child will do it. What if our son or daughter is constantly crossing the boundaries and rules of provocation? In this case, the parents probably misunderstood something. Everyone involved with the children the freedom to talk, helping with this evolution. The childrens but they need also to be able to orient in the world. Mom and Dad should help in this point, a way to create rules. This is not an easy thing to do. A rather simple konzekvencia allowed leniency and "buy" a kindness. In this case, the parents ask themselves how their children are consistent. And then after the reasons search what they want to fix the leniency. Too little time to spend together? Or they fear that a more rigorous style of teaching can not get enough love? These thoughts completely unfounded, as the children's parents that they wish for themselves, those who hold to give them, helping the world to their orientation. Measure is to create rules and enforce them! The educational problems often are linked to parents' feelings and repressed desires. The parent reinforces the positive qualities of the bad ones are suppressed. Often happens that babies absorb our bad qualities, and who is experiencing them. In particular, their children's behavior in conflict with the parents who are raising them to solve problems peacefully. But maybe that is exactly the problem: no man can always be kind and peaceful. The aggression is collected over time, and suddenly explode. Some children spend anger against themselves. In such cases, anorexia can also occur. In this situation, then you should consider whether there is a family discussion in our culture, children are most often hear these instructions: "Do not veszekedjetek again!" Or "Get it together yourself." If you want to help csemeténknek, we need to know the cause of behavior. Let us examine ourselves, why we are so hungry for peace and harmony, or why are we so lenient. Let us remember our own childhood. If you find the cause, and we realized what viselkedésünkkel as intermediaries, easier to improve this situation. When it comes to debate, to encourage the young ones sometimes do not always preach harmony. It is important that all children feel themselves to. A shy, inhibited children are often too afraid of their parents, so do not get enough freedom. Kindergarten do not have this problem yet, but when schools are unintentionally away from their parents is a step away. In this case, the urchin produce psychosomatic symptoms: poor will be hurt in the head or the belly. Interestingly, all the holidays, time passes. If you are not careful, our children will suffer real iskolaundorban. All of this is because the parent túlfélti child can not let go. If a lot of worried parents, the behavior is felt. Consider that respond to this child. Excessive caution is the feeling of hope that everyday tasks can not solve, and it thinks it is. Do not say many times that: "Be careful when on the road átkelsz" or "oh, just not to be wrong". Instead, encourage, "You are so clever and I am sure to pay attention when crossing the road!" Such phrases suggest, we are confident, skillful, snappily think. Of course, not easy for parents because the children are encouraged by the points will separate away from him. But do not be troubled about this, the emberpalántának the best when armed with appropriate cut her self-confidence for life. Certainly many people are familiar with life situations, when the boy was special classes maintain desired to go to high school because her father feels that he intended to do more csemetéje. It is also common that mothers give up their jobs at the birth of their first child, then the characteristics of school children through their own assessment. They are beginning to redeem their promise, but it does not last long: the crash occurs, and full resist. Be careful with your expectations, do not expect too much my childrens. Monitor your child's signals, to really enjoy any thing. If negative behavior is observed, it may be because the child has just received word of love for us. Do not want to force it into reality is what we dream for ourselves. If it is, and we recognize the situation, to appreciate it more time to ourselves, we fire up goals for yourself. A nervous child, if other family members deal with someone else? The brother is sitting at the computer, mom is shining, and Dad just do not feel like playing. Even classified as deal with, do not feel like anything. This is a typical case in which the child is accustomed to always have someone around, someone is always entertaining. But you can learn how to self elszórakoztatnia? The permanent employment addictive parents, to educate the child passivity. For example, only willing to color if you mom in front of the paper and a pencil. Try to think about the child's head. Believe me, can tolerate a little boredom, you should not turn to entertain! In order to get used to the child's autonomy, both sides must learn to endure the situation: the parents of the child in a bad mood, the child is the boredom. Point of frustration is likely to encourage creativity. At first, of course, we can help him, we can show, for example, where are the colored pencils, where is the paper or the things which we tethered for himself. But watch out, do not be alarmed if at first you can not do anything with this information! It is important to confront the child being alone in a small, independent ideas to be! Aggressive is the child whose acts of offensive nature. This may be directed against anyone (including the child himself), and against the outside world. The general solution for the child aggression: this can help internal tensions, alleviate anger. I do it because it just works, and a decrease in voltage. Why so often ineffective against the prohibition of aggression, withdrawal, or abuse. The aggression, and aggression in children can be targeted directly for the purpose of a child is angry with his brother, and therefore abused. May be indirect: the child's parents angry because they say your life, so the teacher finishes the lesson to be somewhere in running his rage. The aggression can be conscious of the child is aware of the act, he knows what to do and why. Perhaps the unconscious: the voltage generated in some way try to deduce for example, nail chewing, smoking may be repressed aggression: someone or something mad, does not help, but it involves quenching. It later develop anxiety ki.A aggressive children in school. In many cases occur in aggressive behavior at school. These can be hurtful remarks, mocking, discrimination, ostracism, theft, lies, abuse, bad language, etc. The aggressive child aggressive otthonSokszor the child at home, you may notice that the parent that the child behaves impeccably at school, at home, but unbearable. Whatever the situation to be characteristic of the child, the solution of important clue to where the aggressive child, and what triggers it, these reactions? The causes of childhood aggression, the child itself is the victim's family, school, or both. A child victim of some kind of physical or sexual abuse. The child has lost the security of not receiving adequate attention, care, care. Diseases, accidents, amellyekkel against the helpless child.

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