2013. február 2., szombat

If you love to read then read this article

   You've come to the right place. We have sixty thousands of books to choose from in libraries across the city and you can borrow them for FREE.  Not sure what to read next? Visit our Library catalogue to find out what's new in libraries and to see the most popular titles. Share your own thoughts and be inspired by visiting our Leeds Reads blog, where you can check out what other people have read and enjoyed, and submit your own reviews. Join in - we have a whole range of reader activities and events on offer for both adults and children including visiting authors. Take a look at our events listings to see what’s happening in a library near you. Ask any member of staff - we're always happy to help you find something new to read.     But why stop with reading? We have a whole host of creative and social opportunities. If you like to talk about books why not come along to one of our informal readers' groups, meet like-minded people, and share your thoughts and ideas. Or put pen to paper yourself with the help of one of our writers’ groups. See our related pages section below for more information on how to join.  Are you ready for the richer, healthier, happier, more successful, love-filled life that you deserve?  Then read on,  You've read all the books.  It seems like you've tried it all, yet you are still unhappy with at least one area of your life. You wish there was an easier way to reach your goals, to have more success, prosperity, love, health, time, freedom, and fun. Does it all really work?  But yet, there is a part of you that believes that there must be a hidden secret that you haven't quite discovered yet. Perhaps there is a hidden key that will finally allow you to unlock your inner potential... You think, maybe if you just search a bit longer, you'll finally discover the secret to create the life that you really want. You've been searching and searching... because you haven't given up on yourself. You hope that you'll find the secret key one day.   The fact is that you've always had this power inside you - you just didn't know how to use it! Nobody has ever taught you the easy way of how to tap into your own power.   But most of us can't afford to spend thousands of dollars to hire someone. Plus, how do you find someone who is really qualified?   The truth is that if you can get really good at visualizing your dreams, you can rapidly accelerate making those dreams come true. Visualizing your goals as if they are already complete helps your brain to:     Activate your subconscious creative power, causing your brain to generate all kinds of wonderful creative ideas which will help you to move closer to making your dreams a reality. Activate your power of attraction. Like a magnet, you will attract into your life the resources, circumstances, and connections to people needed to accomplish what you desire.     Fire up your motivation. You'll be persistent and continue to take positive steps to quickly achieve your goals. The gurus tell you that visualization is "simple".    They tell you to relax, close your eyes and imagine in as vivid detail - what you would be seeing, hearing, and feeling when the goal is already accomplished. They say to just use your imagination and picture yourself in the future as if you already have achieved what it is that you want. So you give it a whirl. You close your eyes, and you see yourself in that beautiful new home. Automatically you can see it with crystal clear vision in.....You see the inside and the outside. You imagine the yard, the landscaping, the pool. The wall colors, lighting, cabinets, appliances, electronics, furniture, the artwork... you imagine yourself in that house in perfect detail....You to see, hear, feel, and sense everything in vivid images that seem so real to you. You feel all the happy feelings that go along with having this new home. You easily stay focused on the images for several minutes. You do it every day.   How did that go for you?  I don't know about you, but whenever I try to do that, my mind wanders off and before I know it I'm making my "to do" list in my head. Suddenly I remember something I forgot to do. My mind just keeps wandering off. Or worst yet, I catch myself focusing on what I DON'T want! And we've all heard that doing this just brings even more of what we don't want!  When I just shut my eyes and try to visualize without any guidance, I don't seem to be able to imagine many details, and it definitely doesn't "feel real" at all. But they tell me the same thing, that after a few minutes, their mind is thinking of something else altogether. It's just human nature.  So the gurus say, "Just visualize." That's all you have to do. Piece of cake. You'll just sit down, close your eyes, and like a motion picture in your mind, you see everything you've always wanted in crystal clear pictures. Yeah, right... So the gurus tell us, that visualization is "simple"... Yeah, right! It's a whole lost easier said than done!  You've tried visualizing on your own, and while you may have been able to do it for a few minutes, you eventually gave up. So now, here you are yet again, surfing the internet, searching again, for the magic wand that will finally help you to achieve your dreams.  Well my friend, you can stop the searching, because the ultimate Hidden Secret to visualization has arrived, and I'm going to tell you all about it, but... Before we continue, please read this: The method you are about to discover will only work for people who can devote 15 minutes a day to listen to an audio. If you think you are "too busy" and don't have that kind of time to spare, then please log off your computer now, drive to the convenience store, and go buy some lottery tickets.  OK, still reading? That's good. Take a look at your watch, a clock on the wall or the digital clock on your computer, because this moment in time is a critically important occasion.

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