2013. március 23., szombat

Does God Exist? What is answer?

 'I believe that God exists.' 'I think that God resides everywhere, 'I believe that there is a Supreme Mind or a Principle indifferent to human exploits.' Some people do not believe in a personal God but allow that there is something higher out there.No matter whether God exists or not the fact is that the idea of God exists. For a cynic, the sheer existence of this idea is a greater miracle than the marvel of possible God's existence. For it is amazing that "such a vicious and savage creature as man" could have recognized the necessity of such a lofty idea. It does a great credit to man (who otherwise does not deserve much admiration. The most vicious animal has developed the idea of the most sublime being. God does not want to take away this credit from man by considering the possibility  that God has implanted the idea of Himself in man.  If God has created the world, He also created the human mind with the conception of only three dimensions of space. This means that for human mind two parallel lines can never meet since that intuition is essential for our intellect - any other reasoning is not valid on this planet. Note: Of course, if we put two parallel lines on a sphere they will meet, but this could be explained by means of the same Euclidean geometry. What we cannot conceive and accept is that a non-Euclidian geometry holds for the world that we see. It can only apply to non-intuitive and non-worldly entities beyond our comprehension and rational abilities.With our limited abilities we cannot decide the question of God's existence. But our human powers suffice to reflectively determine who we are, what do we believe and what can we know. The man wants to explicate his own nature: what does he believe and what does he hope for. This is possible to figure out independent from the issue whether God exists and is relevant for the issue of evil. As a man I can reason only in the following way:  If God exists and if He did create the world, then He created it according to the men. This world includes both the assumption of three dimensions and the axiom about parallel lines that is constitutive for the visible world. How does man know that God must have created the world according to the axioms of world? Because his mind operates in that manner and it has been presumably created by God. Note: This is a rationalist presumption against those who place God above commonsense logic and against those who propound a world as the geometry of the universe. It appears that the world we see is set up in accordance with the world and this constitution inevitably defines the framework for any discussion and understanding of the world. "I could never understand how one can love one's neighbor." Impossible Love: Concrete individuals close to us are physically repugnant. One sees the ugliness of human race vividly present in those who are around us. People we know do things that make love for them impossible. By their acts they demonstrate that humans do not deserve to be loved. it is in our darkest hour that we must have faith.

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