2013. március 15., péntek

Presence in library

Mainly in business life clothes be speak quite a lot. Your appearance have to be natural but pretty. Your clothes and make-up show your character and your personality. After that your speech tells your intelligence. If you’re shy and you haven’t self-confidence your clothes will be low-key and not colourful. But if you’re cool and you’re full of confidence your clothes will be colourful and trendy. How a person dresses depends on the occasion, her/his personality, build and the mood of her/him. Some people obviously think that following the latest trend is the only possible way to decide what to wear, but I prefer choosing clothes that suit my personality and build. It might be more important for people who often appear in public, like actresses and TV stars. I like comfortable clothes. That’s why I wear jeans with a T-shirt or a pullover most of the time when I’m at home. Of course on my workplace I wear costume or trousers or skirts with blouse. I like natural materials, like cotton, linen  and wool. I don’t like synthetic materials at all because I sweat in them. I usually buy my clothes in boutiques or in hypermarkets because there is a wide choice and the prices are reasonable. I buy my shoes in specialized shops because the quality of shoes are very important. I think it’s easier for women to follow the latest fashion because designers deal mostly(leginkább, főleg) with women’s clothes. When you enter a store, the department for women’s wear is usually bigger than the department for men’s wear. Besides this, women can choose from a wider range of different types of clothes; that is, they can wear trousers, suits, skirts, shorts and dresses, while men are restricted  to wearing jeans, trousers or shorts. There are also more accessories  for women than for men. Women can put ribbons , headbands, clips, flowers, grips  and hair-slides into their hair. Both women and men wear belts, wristwatches, rings and sometimes necklaces and studs , but only women wear clips, pearl necklaces, chokers , brooches and lockets. On the other hand, only men wear braces , tie-pins, cuff-links  and pocket watches. Women make up themselves usually at weekdays when they work or at the weekends when they have date. I think the natural and low-key make-up is morenicer than so much and sporty make-up.

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