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The biblia

I work as  IT teacher and librarian a short story to my grandfather. The discovery of the marvellous world of learn is the great experience of my life. The motivation for this sprang from family roots. My maternal grandfather, a farmer. The religion were very important for him. He was not able to teach me many things  I was only seventeen when he died. I only feel somewhere in my genes that I should follow in his footsteps. As a member of a secret delegation I spent a week in Brussels. After the rich and interesting daily programmes I always ran back to my room to spend the lonely evenings in the company of my new friend, aIt was an old book in the English language Bible. I had found it on the night table on the first day when I entered the room, my home for a week. Perhaps it is common in the room  of Christian countries to have a Bible at the guest’s disposal. I experienced this custom for the first time in my life there in Brussels.. Finding that Bible brought to mind remembrances of my childhood as well. As a daughter of a protestant minister, living at the parsonage until the age of sixteen, I used to go to church and read the Bible. During the next thirty years of my life, however, I had not even held a Bible in my hand. A great game began. I read the English column of the page, compared it with the hungarian column and, with the help of my past knowledge about the Bible, I began to understand the text and the english words of mixed English and German origins at the same time. Day by day the Bible and I became closer and closer friends. I began to fear my impending separation from it. On the sixth day I felt a great desire to continue the game at home as well. I decided therefore to steal the Bible. I packed it into my bag on the last evening after reading it. But after I switched off the lamp I could not fall asleep. In the darkness I watched the closed bag with my friend in it. A battle raged in my head. This battle raised the following questions: – How could I reconcile being the daughter of a minister and a thief at the same time? – Moreover it was written in this Bible in two beautiful languages: “Thou shalt not steal!”? – What would my grandfather say if he knew that his granddaughter had stolen a Bible? I think you can imagine the end of the story! In the morning I took the Bible out of my bag, placed it back on the night table and, with bag in hand and a great calmness in my heart, I left the room.

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