2015. október 14., szerda

How to download free Hungarian ebooks

So, let’s see first how you can download Hungarian books (usually in pdf format) from the site of the most used Hungarian digital book provider MEK (Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár).  In this case we are very succesful because the developers translated the whole website and the websearch into English. After opening the homepage you can easily change the language (uper left corner of the header image) and than search in the database. If you are looking for Hungarian or other literature click to the ‘Culture, Arts, Literature’ button on the left sidebar and you will find another site to look for books. There you will find other options to stick.

If you are looking for a Hungarian content I suggest you to chose ‘Classical Hungarian Literature’ and you will find such famous books like: all poems of in pdf format, or mp3 format for the who prefer to listen and not to read. And this is just to mention something from the beginning of the alphabet.

In case you don’t like classics but interested in the ‘contemporary literature’, tick that option and you will chose from a lots of interesting modern content l

And if it is not enough you can even find some bestsellers and sci-fi literature in this database, just tick ‘Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy’ and you will find such good books

If you check the options carefully you will see that you can find even Hungarian litriture translated into other European languages.

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